I Quit: How a song and dance turns into a viral video of resignation

I Quit: How a song and dance turns into a viral video of resignation

 By: Catherine Wood

October 3, 2013


With most Americans concerned about when their next paycheck will come in, or if their health insurance is acceptable for the new coming year, everyone is a little on edge. With the economy concerned with the recent government shut down, actually having a job is hard to come by, and sometimes people just need to have a little fun. And that is exactly what a young Taiwan woman did, when she resigned from her job in the form of a viral song and dance video. Marina Shifrin worked for Next Media Animation, a video company in Taiwan that produces viral videos. In the video, Shifrin told her boss, that for the last two years she had sacrificed “relationships, time and energy” for her job. The video went viral on September 28, 2013 and today it already has over 5 million views, taking Marina Shifrin’s old boss by surprise.

Throughout the video, Shifrin shows off some of her most advanced dance moves, by waltzing, jitterbugging, and even moon walking her way through her old office. To give Shifrin something to dance too, a popular Kanye West song is played in the background for Shifrin to strut her stuff. With text scrolling across the bottom of the screen, Shifrin tells her viral video viewers what she has had to put up with for the last two years. Shifrin never once says a word in the viral video. This video is a classic example of someone who is using nonverbal communication to express ones emotions. Though Shifrin does not use many hand gestures or hand signals, she still makes her point across by pointing out that she “quits”. All throughout the viral video, Marina’s face is composed and confident as can be. She is very much like the Japanese, and not once does she break her stolid composure. Marina Shifrin goes on to say that the reasoning behind her leaving is because her boss “only cares about quantity and how many views each video gets”. Obviously, her boss is very monochromic, because his one goal is video views, rather than employee satisfaction as well as video views.

Who knew that quitting could be so much fun! Most people might find resigning intimidating or even make ones blood pressure rise in rage. A few raised voices and a couple uncontrolled outbursts later, someone could go in turning in their resignation and come out fired. Using only a couple fancy camera angles, Marina Shifrin goes to show the world that not only can she make a viral video, but that she can also send in her formal resignation, without saying a word.

Shifrin, M. (2013, September 28). An Interpretive Dance For My Boss Set To Kanye West’s Gone [Video file]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew_tdY0V4Zo&feature=player_embedded


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