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Physical Attractiveness


Author: Benjamin Kautz




The article provides an interesting view into the understanding and thoughts of  ‘attractive’ individuals impacts on others or how others perceive the attractive individuals.  The research from the article gives the impression that those individuals that are of an attractive level are more inclined to be more desirable or be individuals that hold more power.  Something that really stood out to me in the article was when the article mentioned that attractive individuals are basically more in demand for romantic relationships.  The reason that stood out was because in our textbook on page 83 states, research suggests that good-looking people have certain advantages when it comes to initiating and developing romantic relationships.  It seems that what our textbook is stating on the fact of good-looking individuals hold advantages when it comes to relationships and the article leads individuals to believe that this statement holds credibility when it comes to relationships or romance.  In the article a little background research noted in the article is that six spokespersons three males and three females were chosen to be graded on an attractiveness scale, which totaled 7.   The spokespersons were chosen from twenty-three males and thirty-six females.  The spokespersons were viewed on videotape and one of the judgments’ of the spokespersons was that of attractiveness.  Attractiveness was the only thing that was to be judged during the viewing of the recordings and nothing more.  The study was for the ‘attractive’ individuals to sell different products to consumers the study was to see if the more attractive spokespersons would lead to individuals being more willing to purchase the product versus the willingness of the purchasing from the not so attractive spokespersons.  The hypotheses were, the attractive spokesperson had no influence the willingness of consumers to purchase the products.  The attractive spokesperson influenced the willingness of the consumers to purchase the products.  In the article men were more willing to purchase products from males and females were more likely to purchase products from females.  Something very interesting that I noticed in the article was that, the results noted that the physical attractiveness of the speaker or communicator plays a big role in the influence of the message to other individuals.  In my personal view from the article it seems that the article is noting mixed views upon the attractiveness affects upon others that came from the study that was performed when using the spokespersons.  The study seemed to raise more negative questions than that of positive affects.  At the end of the article it does tell that there are different studies and research that provide more positive results upon the effects of attractive individuals. 

            From reading our textbook and this article it can be summed up that yes there are positive effects to using or being an attractive individual.  But this article does note that it isn’t always going to provide positive results that favor the lead of the attractive individuals where the textbook leads you to believe the power is all in the attractive with no questioning upon it. 


The picture below is a prime example of the attractiveness. 



Attractive People Success Statistics

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Statistic Verification

Source: American Psychological Association, Smart Money, Princeton University

Research Date: 11.27.2012

Attractive People Success Statistics


Percent chance an attractive person will receive a callback after an interview

72.32 %

Percent chance an unattractive person will receive a callback after an interview

62.02 %

Percent more that attractive workers earn than unattractive

10 %

Average lifetime earning difference


Average salary for people with low self-esteem


Average salary for people with high self-esteem


Average salary for someone who was 6’0″ at age 18


Average salary for someone who was 5’1″ at age 18


Percent of salary increase with each standard deviation increase in facial symmetry


Salary by Average Weight



70 lbs under average weight



30 lbs under average weight



Average weight



30 lbs over average weight



70 lbs over average weight



Perceived competence of women who wear makeup






No Makeup





Natural Makeup





Glamorous Makeup





The above was psychological test where participants were shown faces for .25 seconds and asked to rate them using a 7-point scale ranging from “not at all” to “highly/extremely”





Caballero, Marjorie J., James R. Lumpkin, and Charles S. Madden. “USING PHYSICAL ATTRACTIVENESS AS AN ADVERTISING TOOL: AN EMPIRICAL TEST OF …” Journal of Advertising Research 29.4 (1989): 16-22. EBSCO. Web. 02 Oct. 2013. <;.


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