Horror House by Devon Conley

Horror House by Devon Conley

A popular culture artifact that I have come across lately would be the television show, American Horror Story. This is not your average show about romance or working in a hospital. It is about a couple that has uprooted their lives and, their teenage daughter’s, to move to another state because the wife caught her husband cheating. Her husband finds a nice looking house that has character, which what his wife had been looking for, in a wealthy neighborhood for a fair price. Little did he know that the house came with a very disturbing past. The realtor who sold them the house told them of one murder that happened there. There was a murder-suicide with the previous owners. The family decided they could live with that and bought the house. As time went on strange events started happening in the house and random people started popping up out of nowhere. Every person they came in contact with was a ghost, and every ghost had a past in that house. The house is cursed. Everyone who dies there is stuck in their for eternity. For example, one of the characters, Tate, lived in the house and was shot in his room by the police. From that point on he could not leave the house and be in peace. He would torment people who lived there and even rape and kill the occupants of the house. Even though they are dead they can appear to anyone in the house if they choose to be seen, however, they can’t leave it. The only time they are allowed to leave the house is on Halloween.

The maid uses seduction throughout the series by appearing as a young woman wearing a provocative outfit in front of the men who live there. This is because that is what the men want to view her as and if they can resist the seduction they will see her for what she truly is, which is an elderly woman. For women, however, she is seen as the elderly woman to begin with because they do not have the desire like men do. Because men have the desire for her she tries everything to seduce them. For example, she would bend over while cleaning and reveal her body to the men or simply just push herself against them. She uses body language and facial expressions to attract them and then once she does she will have sexual interactions with them.

When it comes to facial management and expression of emotion, Violet is very good at hiding her emotions. She is the daughter of the couple that last moved into the house. Violet befriended Tate and ended up having a relationship with him. She understood he was dead but they had the same attitude and had a lot in common. She always had a mask on because she did not like to show people that she is vulnerable, so she acted tough. It takes a toll on her in the end because she decides to commit suicide and believes that her family would be better off without her. She overdoses on pills and Tate tries to save her but is too late. He hides the fact that she died and when she finds out she hides her emotions from her dad because he is going through a lot and she does not want to add-on to his stress.


(Moira the maid)

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