Nonverbal emotion perception in the workplace, Mandy Castillo



Nonverbal emotion perception in the workplace


Amanda Castillo


The research question is what is the direct and indirect effect of the accuracy of reading non-verbal emotional expressions in the workplace. The research article states that it more specifically is answering :

“Do managers who more accurately perceive others’ emotions receive higher satisfaction ratings from their subordinates and higher performance ratings from their supervisors? How might managers use important emotional information to increase the satisfaction from their subordinates?  Is accuracy in non-verbal emotion perception more strongly related to these ratings for female managers than for male managers?

A hypothesis is that if the perception of emotions in the work place is better understood, this can help with satisfaction ratings of an employee’s subordinates or customers and performance ratings from their superiors.

Methods included a total of 44 MBA students who were in the work force holding supervisory positions and attending part time.   78 managers from the hospitality industry also participated in the study. Surveys were mailed to the subordinates and supervisors in the study. The Diagnostic Analysis of Non-verbal Accuracy was used as the survey instrument.


The findings in this article are on track to the lessons in the book and what we have gone over.  If an employee can read the emotions accurately or read the non verbal communication accurately, then they can have a better understanding on what needs to be done next.  The employee can counter their subordinates and customers dissatisfaction or their superior’s dissatisfaction and which at the end of the day allows for a more productive work day for the company.

5. See above photo.


Byron, K. (2007). Male and female managers’ ability to ‘read’ emotions: Relationships with supervisor’s performance ratings and subordinates’ satisfaction ratings. Journal Of Occupational & Organizational Psychology, 80(4), 713-733.


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