And the Award Goes To


“And the Award Goes To”

By: Courtney Wallace

Friends is an American sitcom that debuted in the 90’s and centers around six friends who live in New York City. The show aired for ten seasons and became one of the most popular shows on television. The six friends are Ross, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey. The relationship between the friends is quite complex. Ross and Monica are brother and sister, and Monica went to high school with Rachel. Ross and Chandler met in college, and Joey and Phoebe met every one a little later on. Ross is a paleontologist working at a museum and later on he starts working as a professor. He is a very socially awkward but also very charming. Him and Rachel are involved in an on again off again relationship throughout the show. The character of Rachel has a very confusing love life and goes from guy to guy until her and Ross end up having a daughter together. Rachel’s best friend is Monica. Monica is a chef and is a very uptight perfectionist. She was overweight as a child and was teased so much, which is probably the reason why she is how she is. Monica ends up marrying Chandler in a later season of the show. Chandler is known for his sarcastic sense of humor and he always seems to get in to awkward situations. Phoebe is ditsy, plays guitar, and also writes and performs her unusual songs. She is also a masseuse. The last friend is Joey. Joey is a struggling actor and is know for his role in a soap opera on television. He is sort of a womanizer but his good character makes up for his womanizing side.

In this episode Joey, the actor, has been nominated for an award for favorite returning character for his television show. Having never been nominated for an award before Joey was practicing an acceptance speech in his apartment when Rachel walks in on him. He explains to Rachel that he really wants to win this award when she mentions that he should practice his “gracious loser face.” A gracious loser face is when the announcer is announcing who won the award and the cameras are in your face, and the announcer doesn’t call your name. Rachel explains that you need to look disappointed but also that the other guy deserved to win. The next scene is where Joey and Rachel are at the awards and they are about to announce if Joey won or not. Well it turns out he didn’t win and he completely forgets about his “gracious loser face.” He bangs his fist on the table and mouths dirty words to Rachel. He then realizes that the camera is in his face and starts to do his gracious loser face. This clip relates to what we have learned in class because Joey’s nonverbal behavior, when he does not receive the award, was very loud in showing his emotions. His emotions show that he is angry and frustrated because he did not receive the award and everyone who was watching the show from home could see that because of his actions were perceived. Instead of putting on a happy face to make himself look like a gracious loser, he sent the audience a completely different message. This clip shows that nonverbal behavior is just as loud as normal communication and it allows people to see your emotions even if you aren’t saying anything.

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