Has President Obama deceived the United States?


Blog entry #2-Popular Culture Artifact

Rebecca Gammon

The subject of my popular culture artifact entry and the sources I am referencing are with concern about President Obama’s November 14, 2013 “apology” to the United States. The President’s apology has been deemed a political band aid for the Democratic Party. Even the President’s own political supporters are said to be jumping ship, and the Affordable Care Act appears to be in more trouble now than at any of the 42 times House Republicans voted to repeal it or shut down the government over defunding it. The deceit that has been going on to get this Act pushed through with the American people and the House and the Senate is now becoming visible to everyone involved.

The worst deceitful act carried out by the Obama Administration is the fact that millions of people have lost their current health care policies. This is a statement President Obama repeatedly said throughout his career in the White House, “no one will lose their health insurance because of Obama Care, no matter what, period”. The president now has to apologize to millions of Americans who have now received letters of cancellation from their insurance companies because their insurance does not meet the standards of the Obama Care Act. Did the President know this would happen to people with their own private health care? In my opinion he did and it is evident in the fact that the President has had to apologize to our nation for the damage that his deceit has caused and in the fact that his own Democratic Party is now starting to backtrack on Obama Care since next year is an election year and their political positions are in jeopardy from the lies and deceit concerning the entire Affordable Health care Act.

There is a current article written by William F. Jasper, on Tuesday, 12 November 2013, “Obama’s Apology- Substituting New Lies for Old”, and describing Obama’s litany of excuses disguised as an apology. This writer is among the critics of Obama care and he noted inside the article, and I quote, “On October 30, Glenn Kessler’s “Fact Checker” column at the Washington Post awarded President Obama a “Four Pinocchio” rating concerning his repeated pledge that no one will take away your health plan. Four Pinocchio’s is the highest (meaning worst) rank of deception or prevarication, in Kessler’s famous rating system. That the Post, one of the biggest cheerleaders for Obama and Obama Care, finally publicly recognize what was screamingly obvious for months, could not have been missed by the White House”. End quote.  In another article from the New York Daily News by James Warren, “President’s Obama Care apology may precede worst of law’s problems”, is in fact descriptive of how the President Obama deceives the public. For example, he rankled gays and lesbians upon becoming President by seemingly forsaking their support. Two years later, he repealed the military’s “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy when he saw the time was right and was vindicated.  President Obama has a history of deceiving people and he is very good at this partly because of his charisma and stature. The text book describes nonverbal deception on (pg 407) to be and intentional act in which senders knowingly transmit messages verbally and nonverbally to mislead another by fostering false impressions, beliefs, or understandings or by actively concealing the truth. By definition our President Obama has demonstrated all of the above and more. With the Leakage Hypothesis on (pg 411) there is reference to Pinocchio’s nose as a description to the visual of the hypothesis. These tell tale signs of deception leak out of the body unbidden and are a giveaway that the communicator is hiding something. These leakage cues are very well rehearsed by our administration for the overall success of the deception.

The daily Gallup polls and the Rasmussen reports tracking the Presidential approval ratings are so very close in their declining opinions of the President and his administration and how he has acted in his deception to the country and his political party that it is becoming apparent to everyone, including his own supporters that he has deceived and lied to the American people for a dangerous length of time. As of November 15, 2013 the President’s approval index was negative 22. This concludes that the people of our nation are waking up to the lies that are being covered and how this is impacting the lives of millions of American’s and the security of our future.









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