Lets Talk About Sex


Lets Talk about Sex

By Kent Carroll

sexy attraction

 I found an article entitled “ What Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Cues Lead to Sex? An Analysis of the Traditional Sexual Script”. The article was a study done by Betty H. La France done in an effort to solidify and expand on previous sexual scripts. France states that very goal as her hypothesis in the third paragraph. To do this was to examine and discuss previous sexual scripts, primarily those done by Metz and Spitsberg, and then use a testing method to examine them. The method she used was survey a group of students who were, if being described, primarily white and from the Midwest. There were slightly more girls than guys in the group and they were primarily all in some form of relationships. There was a predetermined scale that measured which nonverbal cues led to sex. The results found that the previous sexual scripts where accurate in that aggressiveness of physical touch between partners in public leads to sex once in private.

I think that the book, my personal experience, and things that we have learned in class compliment these findings. In class we have learned that people who are aggressive physically in their non-verbal cues tend to be more dominant and get what they want. I think this applies in regards to sexual attraction and leads to sex. I have also seen these findings true in the real world. I have seen guys and girls who appear to have a large amount physical touch between one another end up having sex later on. The article also found that couples who were seen maintaining closeness in distance tends to lead to sex. This is consistent with what the book teaches on haptics in regards to only allowing certain people in your intimate space.

La France, Betty H. (2010). What verbal and nonverbal communication cues lead to sex?: An analysis of the traditional sexual script. Communication Quarterly, 58(3),





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